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The Sk8 Coach was founded by Matt Suncin in June of 2016 

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Matt Suncin

Skateboarding has been in Matt's DNA since the age of 10 when he first stepped on a board. By the age of 15, Matt had acquired significant skills to land him his first job as a skate instructor at a local indoor skate school, Kids That Rip. It's here where Matt rose through the ranks as a coach, teaching everything from the first steps on a skateboard to getting his students ready for regional and national competitions. In those eight years of service at KTR, Matt found a passion similar to skateboarding in teaching and being a mentor for his students. In May of 2016, The Sk8 Coach Instagram was born with the intent to give recognition to his many amazing students and promote his services as an outstanding skateboarding coach. In 2018, Matt parted ways with KTR for a job opportunity in the skate-mecca that is southern California, at the world-renown California Skateparks Training Facility. During his time at CATF, Matt gained valuable insight into the skateboarding industry and made connections with some of skateboarding's elite professionals and business minds. All the while, continuing to test his coaching abilities through competition and helping his students create runs that win gold. One of Matt's most promising students, Paige Heyn, excelled faster than most and within two years under his coaching got invited to compete in international contests and earn Olympic points. Matt had sent a sponsor-me tape to the team manager of Nike SB and arranged for a pick up of some product, getting Paige an official sponsorship from Nike SB. 

Come early 2019, it was time for The Sk8 Coach to go independent, giving Matt the freedom to operate his program to the fullest of his abilities. while balancing his growing program in San Diego and managing his network of coaches doing lessons in Arizona, The Sk8 Coach brand was at an all-time high

Then in September of 2019, Matt was presented with the rare opportunity to work with the Chinese National Skateboarding Team as a professional skateboarding coach to prepare their athletes for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. 

Matt's 3-month trial period with the team went extremely well and he was even offered a long term position with the team. However, Matt chose to come back to where it all started in the valley of the sun to continue to build his very own program and help his student pursue their big dreams, one push at a time. 

Come early 2019, it was time for Matt's side hustle as The Sk8 Coach to go solo, giving Matt the freedom to use the best of his knowledge to run a skateboarding program the way he saw fit. Balancing between running two programs concurrently in Arizona and California, Matt's d

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